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Community Guidelines

1. Respect and Integrity
Inclusive Communication: Promote a culture of respect and empathy.
Privacy Respect: Never share or solicit personal information.

2. Authenticity and Truthfulness
Accurate Profiles: Honest representation of skills, experiences, and qualifications.
Genuine Reviews: Provide authentic, unbiased, and constructive feedback.

3. Professionalism and Reliability

Commitment: Honor project timelines and agreements.
Communication: Maintain regular and professional communication.

4. Anti-Spam and Solicitation

Promotions: No unsolicited promotional content or spam.
Unwanted Communication: Respect members’ communication preferences.

5. Intellectual Property

Original Work: Only provide work that adheres to intellectual property laws.
Credit Appropriation: Always credit the original creators or obtain necessary permissions.

6. Dispute and Conflict Resolution

Problem-solving: Address conflicts calmly and professionally.
Platform Support: Engage Prosperii's support in persistent disputes.


1. Demonstrable Expertise

Skill Verification: Ensure that your skills and qualifications are verifiable.
Continuous Improvement: Regularly update and refine your skill set.

2. Portfolio Authenticity and Integrity

Verified Work: All work in your portfolio should be verifiable.
Clear Explanation: Detail your role and contribution in each project.

3. Punctuality and Timeliness

Deadline Adherence: Always stick to project timelines.
Proactive Notification: Inform clients promptly of any unforeseen delays.

4. Client Satisfaction and Feedback

Understanding Needs: Tailor your approach to meet client needs effectively.
Regular Check-ins: Ensure alignment and satisfaction through periodic check-ins.

5. Robust Quality Assurance

Preliminary Checks: Implement a thorough pre-submission check.
Client Approval: Ensure all submissions meet client expectations.

6. Transparent and Thorough Communication

Documentation: Keep clear records of all communication and changes.
Availability: Be readily available for client communication.

7. Data Security and Client Confidentiality

Secure Handling: Employ robust security measures for data protection.
Confidentiality Assurance: Never disclose client details without explicit permission.


All-Inclusive NDA: Every project on Prosperii will mandate the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the confidentiality of the information shared among the parties involved.

  • Readily Available: A standardized NDA will be readily available for each project initiated through Prosperii.

  • NDA Awareness: Make all parties thoroughly aware of the obligations and consequences related to the NDA. Ensure that the document is comprehensible and transparent.

  • Easy Execution: Enable a seamless, digital signing process to enhance user-friendliness and compliance.

  • Storage and Access: Ensure that signed NDAs are securely stored and easily accessible to relevant parties.

  • Breach Management: Define and communicate the process and consequences clearly in the event of an NDA breach.

Ensuring that these guidelines and standards are not only adhered to but also easily understood is crucial. It’s recommended to use clear language, provide examples, and perhaps create a short video or graphic explaining them for a diverse audience. This thorough approach to guideline creation and standard setting is crucial for maintaining a premium, trustworthy platform like Prosperii.

Statement for New Registrants


"Welcome to Prosperii - Where Excellence is Non-Negotiable! By joining us, you're committing to a journey of elite performance, uncompromising quality, and unyielding professional integrity. Here, every interaction, every project, and every connection is bound by our stringent community guidelines and quality standards. Prosperii is not just a platform; it’s a pledge to elevate the global freelance and employer ecosystem. If you are unyielding in your commitment to excellence, innovative solutions, and ethical professionalism, you are in the right place. Together, let’s transcend ordinary, forge new pathways, and redefine the future of remote work!"


Ensuring that these details are clearly articulated and accessible at every stage of user interaction with Prosperii (website, app, communications) is pivotal. This solid foundation will help to cultivate the premium, elite environment you're aiming for, ensuring both freelancers/agencies and employers know that Prosperii is the platform for high-quality, reliable, and professional engagements.

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