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Mendix Solutions

Starting from  $ 27 Per Hour


Prosperii provides a team of skilled experts and developers to streamline the automotive processes with custom Mendix applications, optimizing production, supply chain management, and customer engagement for automotive manufacturers and dealerships.

Starting from  $ 30 Per Hour

Energy and Utilities 

Prosperii revolutionizes energy and utilities operations with Mendix solutions with the help of  skilled experts and Mendix developers, enabling efficient asset management, predictive maintenance, and renewable energy integration to meet evolving industry demands.

Starting from  $ 30 Per Hour

Financial Services

Prosperii provides a team of skilled experts and developers to empower financial institutions with Mendix applications for agile banking, risk management, and customer relationship management, enhancing operational efficiency and delivering superior financial services.

Starting from  $ 25 Per Hour


Prosperii provides a team of skilled experts and developers to transform manufacturing processes with Mendix solutions, facilitating real-time production monitoring, inventory management, and quality control to drive productivity and innovation in the manufacturing sector.

Starting from  $ 27 Per Hour


Prosperii transforms media and entertainment operations with the help of skilled experts and Mendix developers for content management, audience engagement, and advertising optimization, enabling media companies to drive audience growth and revenue generation.

Starting from  $ 25 Per Hour


Prosperii enhances retail operations with the help of skilled experts and Mendix developers for omnichannel sales, inventory optimization, and customer engagement, enabling retailers to deliver personalized shopping experiences and drive revenue growth.

Starting from  $ 26 Per Hour

Supply Chain

Prosperii streamlines supply chain operations with Mendix applications and with the help of  skilled experts and Mendix developers for inventory visibility, logistics optimization, and supplier collaboration, enabling businesses to improve efficiency and adaptability across the supply chain.

Starting from  $ 25 Per Hour

Consumer Goods

Prosperii optimizes consumer goods operations with Mendix solutions for demand forecasting, supply chain optimization, and brand management, enabling consumer goods companies to drive growth and market competitiveness with the help of  skilled experts and Mendix developers

Starting from  $ 30 Per Hour


Prosperii revolutionizes insurance processes with Mendix solutions for policy management, claims processing, and customer service, enabling insurers to enhance operational efficiency and deliver superior customer experiences with the help of  skilled experts and Mendix developers



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Prosperii presents a team of Top-tier experts and Premier Agencies exclusively dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence in WIX Website Design and Development.

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Case Studies


Streamlining Production Processes |  Automotive

2 Developers| 6 Months | $25 Per Hour |  Web Application |2023

Prosperii collaborated with the automotive company to develop a custom Mendix application that streamlined production processes across their manufacturing facilities. The application optimized inventory management, production scheduling, and quality control, resulting in a significant reduction in production lead times and cost savings.

Loan Processing

Energy Transition |Energy and Utilities

3 Developers| 5 Months | $25 Per Hour|  Web Application |2022

Bank partnered with Prosperii to implement a Mendix-based loan processing system to streamline their lending operations. The solution automated loan application processing, credit checks, and approval workflows, resulting in faster loan approvals, improved customer satisfaction, and increased operational efficiency.

Customer Experience 

Enhancing Customer Experience at Retail Chain  | Retail

2 Developers| 5 Months | $30 Per Hour|  Web Application  | 2022        

Prosperii worked with Retail Chain to develop a Mendix-powered omnichannel retail platform. The platform integrated online and offline sales channels, enabled personalized product recommendations, and streamlined order fulfillment processes. As a result, the Retail Chain experienced a significant increase in sales revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • What is Prosperii?
    Prosperii is a premium platform uniting top-tier freelancers, agencies, and employers, emphasizing excellence, handcrafted teams, and providing a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • How does Prosperii maintain service quality?
    Prosperii adopts a stringent selection process, ensuring only the qualified and competent service providers are onboarded.
  • How is Prosperii distinct from its competitors?
    Prosperii is focused on delivering high-quality, reliable services with an emphasis on premium projects and offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Is Prosperii safe and secure?
    Yes, Prosperii prioritizes user security, ensuring all transactions and interactions on the platform are protected and confidential.
  • Can I trust the reviews and ratings on Prosperii?
    Absolutely, reviews and ratings on Prosperii are genuine reflections of the service providers’ capabilities and service quality.

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