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Wix Website Design

Starting from  $ 30 Per Hour

WIX Enterprise

Get Wix Enterprise from WIX Experts or Agencies for large-scale businesses. Deploy content faster, manage efficiently from one platform, and customize and integrate seamlessly.

Starting from  $ 25 Per Hour

Adv. website design

Enhance your online presence with our Advanced Website Design service. Crafted by WIX Experts or Agencies, our designs offer cutting-edge aesthetics and seamless functionality.

Starting from  $ 22 Per Hour

Redesign Website 

Let WIX Experts or Agencies revamp your existing website, enhancing its aesthetics and functionality for a captivating user experience and improved performance.

Starting from  $ 25 Per Hour

Classic website design

Get your classic website design crafted to your unique needs by Experts or Agencies, offering timeless aesthetics and seamless functionality to enhance your online presence.

Starting from  $ 28 Per Hour

WIX Mobile Website

Get WIX expert’s or Agencies help to seamlessly transition to a mobile-friendly website on Wix. Optimize your site for mobile, ensuring a smooth user experience & enhanced accessibility.

Starting from  $ 25 Per Hour

WIX Studio Website

Boost your online presence with a bespoke Wix Studio website. Our WIX Experts or Agencies will design a stunning site tailored to your needs, ensuring it stands out and drives results.

Starting from  $ 30 Per Hour

WIX Mobile App

Create your Wix Mobile App with WIX Expert or Agencies. Engage your audience, expand your business. With expert guidance, connect with customers on the go.

Starting from  $ 27 Per Hour

eCommerce Website

Craft your ecommerce site with WIX Expert or Agencies assistance. Tailored for your needs, it ensures seamless shopping. Expert guidance drives sales and business growth.

Starting from  $ 24 Per Hour

Adv. Store Capabilities

Unlock advanced store capabilities with experts and agencies. Enhance your online store with powerful features and functionalities tailored to your business needs.



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Blue Smoke

Prosperii presents a team of Top-tier experts and Premier Agencies exclusively dedicated to delivering unparalleled excellence in WIX Website Design and Development.

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Case Studies


Online Education l  WIX Studio Website

2 Developers |  6 weeks | WIX Studio | $25 Per Hour |2023

Prosperii's team of WIX developers has crafted the website for this training institute, offering online training programs for professionals. The website is meticulously designed using WIX Studio.


Precision Engineering | WIX Website

3 Developers |  4 weeks | WIX | $27 Per Hour |2022

Prosperii's WIX Experts conducted an in-depth analysis for a precision engineering company, proposing a comprehensive website redesign with features like an intuitive user interface, detailed product catalogs, virtual showcases, and an integrated inquiry system. Additionally, Prosperii's WIX Experts optimized the site for SEO to enhance online visibility.

Real Estate Development Company

Real Estate | WIX Studio

2 Developers |  5 weeks | WIX | $28 Per Hour |2021

Prosperii's expertise in web development delved into the needs of a prominent real estate development company and current industry trends. The result was a cutting-edge website featuring a user-friendly design, enhanced property search and listing functionalities, immersive virtual property tours, and a specialized client portal.

  • What is Prosperii?
    Prosperii is a premium platform uniting top-tier freelancers, agencies, and employers, emphasizing excellence, handcrafted teams, and providing a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • How does Prosperii maintain service quality?
    Prosperii adopts a stringent selection process, ensuring only the qualified and competent service providers are onboarded.
  • How is Prosperii distinct from its competitors?
    Prosperii is focused on delivering high-quality, reliable services with an emphasis on premium projects and offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Is Prosperii safe and secure?
    Yes, Prosperii prioritizes user security, ensuring all transactions and interactions on the platform are protected and confidential.
  • Can I trust the reviews and ratings on Prosperii?
    Absolutely, reviews and ratings on Prosperii are genuine reflections of the service providers’ capabilities and service quality.

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Looking for a Wix developer? 

Explore our team of Wix Professionals, designers, agencies, and WIX Experts. 

Risk-free trial for any hire.

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